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Geology of the Netherlands. Euro 19.95

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  • Wong, Theo E., Dick A.J. Batjes, Jan de Jager (eds.)
    Geology of the Netherlands. (2007)
    Amsterdam : Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2007.
    Hardcover. viii, 354 pp. Ills., maps. Geology of the Netherlands is a comprehensive reference work, giving an up-to-date overview,
    covering both the onshore area and the Dutch sector of the North Sea.
    The book deals with the stratigraphy and structural setting of Lower Paleozoic to Quaternary
    sediments, with magmatism and seismicity, and also addresses the geological resources.
    ISBN 9789069844817 Prijs oorspronkelijk Euro 65, nu voor Euro 19.95

  • Wong, Theo E., D.R. de Vletter, L. Krook, J.I.S. Zonneveld and A.J. van Loon.
    The history of earth sciences in Suriname. (1998)
    Amsterdam : Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1998.
    Hardcover. viii,479 pp. With 1 folded map.
    Including : Geological bibliography of Suriname / compiled by Th.E. Wong: p. 443-475.
    ISBN 9069842262 Aktie-Prijs EURO 24.95

  • Visser, R.P.W. & J.L.R. Touret (eds.)
    Dutch pioneers of the earth sciences. (2004)
    Amsterdam : KNAW, 2004. Hardcover. 216 pp. 5 ills.
    (History of science and scholarship in the Netherlands, volume 5).
    - The papers collected in this volume, given at a Dutch history of science symposium, present
    a historical survey of Dutch contributions to earth science. It includes a wide variety of subjects:
    the pioneering stratigraphic studies of the 18th-century naturalist Francq van Berkhey, Dutch
    contributions to the basalt controversy, geology in the Belgian provinces, the geology lectures
    (1863) of Staring and his geological map of the Netherlands, the mineral work of Hermann
    Vogelsang, the Maastricht Cretaceous finds in the emergence of Dutch vertebrate palaeontology,
    and the founding of groundwater hydrology in the Netherlands (1850-1950). The book also
    features two hallmark studies by Dutch scholars: a previously unpublished mineralogical treatise
    by Wiechmann, and a study of the suitability of Hauy's crystal models to identify minerals.
    ISBN 9069843897 Aktie-Prijs EURO 12.95

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