Simon van Leeuwen:
Censura Forensis theoretico-practica. (1678)

LEEUWEN, SIMON VAN. Censura Forensis Theoretico- Practica, id est Totius Juris Civilis Romani, Ujusque recepti, & practici methodica collatio, qua non tantumipsa Juris Romani fundamenta, ad rationis, veritatis censuram, methodice reducuntur; sed & ad usum practicum transeruntur, Interjectis constitutionibus, decisionibus, moribus, & statutis, non tantum generalioribus, verum etiam particularibus cujusque sere christianorum gentis, regionis, & provincię.
Amstelodami,Henricum & Theodurum Boom, & Lugd. Batav., Johannem ą Gelder, 1678. [36],558,[34],[24],218,[22]p. Title-page with vignette. Folio. New halfcalf binding with marbled boards.
- Some occas. waterstains. Some ancient annotations. ¶ According to Van Heynsbergen in his Geschiedenis der Rechtswetenschap in Nederland (History of the legal science in the Netherlands. 1925) this is an extensive work of great importance on old dutch law as well as on roman law, emphasizing its practical use. This notwithstanding Blondeel's criticism (1774) that Van Leeuwen has failed to consult original authorities in this study. Dekkers 98; Roberts 184.
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Simon van Leeuwen (1626-1682)

graduated at the Leiden University in 1649. Het then started practice as an Advocate in the Hague and later at Leiden. He held several minor posts and in 1681 he was appointed assistant registrat of the Supreme Court at the Hague. He earned his fame with his writings, Paratitula iuris novissimi (1652), Censura Forensis theoretico-practica (1678), and above all , Het Rooms-Hollands-Regt (1664), dealing fully with the law of Holland and briefly with Roman Law. Though never highly regarded in Holland as a scholar, his works have been widely spread and were translated and reprinted many times untill the end of the 18th century. His works have been extensively cited in South Africa, and were given statutory place as subsidiary authority in the South African Republic of 1859.
Other Publications by van Leeuwen are:
Proces Crimineel (1677), Manier van procederen in civile en criminele saaken (1666), Batavia Illustrata (1685).
From: Walker. Oxford Companion to Law (1980). pp. 736.


Simon van Leeuwen: Censura Forensis Theoretico- Practica
Price: Dfl. 450.00 ($ 260.00) + Dfl. 20.00 ($ 12.50) shipping

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